Remember when we first met

So proudly you  said “He’s mine the one with the Blenheim spot and that cheeky grin”.

I loved you at first sight, and could have kissed you all day long

My big dark eyes sucked you in & my very waggy tail.

Remember when I was young

I’d hide from my weekly bath, though , easily found, once you called.

Why was I nicknamed “Drummer”?

Or how you’d throw the ball  I thought it fun  to fetch ,but found it better to be chased  well I did go get the ball.

Remember our first show together

How I had to make you run you were so very slow, no wonder we didn’t win.

And remember our first challenge win  that gave us Best Of Breed

So proud it didn’t seem to matter that I was the only one.

Remember how I matured my flowing coat & how I held my head

You hardly had to hold the lead I could have shown myself

But those rules & regulations said you  had to come along, through

Remember how we used to win challenge after challenge

We’d arrive & I’d hear the sighs & chuckle to myself.

But in the end it lost its fun I’d forget to show well I had more important things on my mind of girls & lovely smells.

Remember that unforggetable day

When they brought me that pretty girl I did my job & thought that was that

But I was there for the next half hour

My show days are over now  I don’t see as many girls  now  though that I’m not regretting because I get to meet them now.

Remember when you were sick I’d stay by your side

And when I was sick you’d do the same for me

All  through my life I loved you

All through my days you cared up until our last farewell

You were always there for me

All  I ask  of  you is to remember me but then  how could you  forget.

Remember when we first met

I was so proud you said “He’s mine”.



                              By   KAREN  AXIAK.

                In  Memory of  “Jack” Ch Maranty Digger Jack.